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Fresh icons:


How to help?

1). What to do if there is no icon for your application?

This is the hardest part - connect the icon to a specific application.

I need something called a "Activity" - in short: this is something like the true name of the application in the system.

So what to do? There is a way to make request for missing icons :)


DCikonZ Request App

DCikonZ Request App

Simply install DCikonZ Request App made by me,
run it and send list of your apps to me in e-mail.

You may edit this e-mail if you don't want to send all 'activities', but don't delete preinstaled system apps like camera or messaging if you don't have it themet by my icons pack.

When I get this list I put it in my database and themed apps are automaticaly removed, so you don't must do anything :)

In future release of this app I also want to make option to attach icons of apps.

Install from Google Play

Download from website


2). Can I do something else?

If you like to make icons, here's the PSD file with some sample designs:

Download PSD Template

It would be best if in addition to the icons, you were able to find the right Activity name and send me something like on this site: Requests & Progress - Icon image (png or psd - 114px/114px), App name, link to store and Activity name.

Thank you in advance for your help.


3). I want make theme, how to do it?

This is my project from eclipse. I hope You find interestig things inside :)

DCikonZ Eclipse project

DCikonZ TSF Eclipse project